“The Showroom”

I so wanted a new bathroom,
My hubby he agreed,
We didn’t know just where to look,
Until then, we’d had no need…

We traveled about all over the place,
Some styles we really admired…
But my bathroom was such a tiny space,
I needed to be inspired!

We were just about to call it a day,
And put our plans on hold.
When a new sign went on display,
As we were driving down the road.

The signage said ‘The Showroom’,
It was like a ‘beacon in the mist!’
I only popped in to ask for a card
But the smiles I couldn’t resist…

The store, was work in progress,
Parts of bathrooms were on show,
But Lesley and Paul were lovely,
So professional and ‘in the know’…

They were working to a deadline,
Putting in every hour God sent…
But Paul came down to measure up,
Then back to work he went…

Their endless supply of stylish ideas
Came together just like a dream…
Erasing all my doubts and fears,
They really work as a team…

We are so proud of our bathroom,
Paul and Lesley could not have done more.
The last time we called in ‘The Showroom’.
There were kitchens and tiles in the store…

If you need a kitchen or bathroom,
This team will help you to choose.
Just pop into ‘The Showroom’,
You really have nothing to lose!

Lesley and Paul are resilient,
They both love a laugh and a joke.
Bolsover has finally come up in the world,
‘The Showroom’ is truly bespoke!

Written by Lorraine Bytheway 20/12/17 (Proud member of the Bolsover Poetry Group)